During my trip to Italy this past summer, I had the opportunity to make the Brunet Dolomites Resort my home base for a few days while exploring the surrounding San Martino region in Trentino.

The hotel is stunning, and an attraction in itself in the area. Boasting a beautiful rooftop pool, a kitchen full of delicious local dishes, a relaxing spa and a view of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomite mountains at every corner, you'll be pampered in every way during your stay.

The hotel complex is made up of three hotels: Tressane (where we stayed), Park Hotel Iris, and Relais Le Gemme and it feels like a true resort. There's an underground tunnel that connects the three, the indoor pool and the wellness spa area. There are also two restaurants on-site, and a “sky spa” that has a rooftop pool with a stunning 360-degree view of the area.

Here's everything you need to know about staying at the Brunet – The Dolomites Resort in Fiera di Primiero.

Many thanks to Brunet – The Dolomites Resort, La Doga Restaurant, Visit Trentino, Visit San Marino, and Traverse for hosting me on this wonderful stay. As always, opinions are my own and reflect my experience.

1. The Room Views Are Unbeatable

I walked into my room and audibly gasped when I saw the view. Then, I proceeded to spend the rest of the time in the room looking out the window like in the picture above.

Can you blame me?

The Dolomites are renowned for turning a shade of pink during the golden hour, and they shine in the early morning light as the region begins to wake up. Simply put, they're stunning at every hour of the day and you'll want to spend a lot of your time just enjoying the view.

There are six different types of rooms in total ranging from the Single room, all the way to an Emerald Private Suite that's bigger than most condo apartments downtown Toronto. Some of the rooms face the Pale di San Martino, and some face the garden and the town and other peaks, which are just as beautiful.

I had the Classic Room and it was extremely roomy and comfortable, and perfect for solo travelers or couples.

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2. The Decor is Charming

The hotel has so much personality, it shines through with every step you take. In fact, you won't even see the same decoration twice. Every corner in the complex is unique and has its own flair.

The alpine-inspired decor makes the hotel feel cozy, despite its size.

This extends to all the rooms, with no two rooms alike. Each of them is decorated in their own style and color scheme. They're all so charming! It's easy to see that every room is decorated to make people feel at home.

brunet hotel resort in fiera di primiero
brunet hotel resort in trentino
Hotel Tressane, one of the three hotels in the
Brunet – The Dolomites Resort complex.

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3. You'll Never Want To Leave The Restaurant

The. Food. Is. Sublime.

I can't remember the last time I stayed in a hotel that I couldn't wait to return to for dinner. Each night brings about a different delicious menu, and in the afternoon, there's a buffet available for those that want to eat at the hotel.

I also found the hotel to be incredibly accommodating to food preferences, with a variety of dishes available for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, gluten-free, and more.

There are two restaurants but we loved the one we went to on our first night so much, we only came back here!

I absolutely loved the breakfast buffet. It has everything you can ever want for breakfast, and much more! Better yet, breakfast is free for guests, and let me tell you, it'll make you want to wake up early to get it.

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4. The Rooftop Pool Will Blow You Away

I couldn't stop hanging out on the rooftop. The “Sky Spa” was opened recently and it's only accessible for adults. Everything about the rooftop will leave you speechless.

First, of course, there's the amazing pool with a panoramic view of the Dolomites you can't get enough of. You can easily spend hours every afternoon up here relaxing after the day's activities.

During our stay, we did a lot of adventurous activities in the area, like completing a via Ferrata route in Valle del Vanoi, going canyoning in Val Noana and hiking to a suspended Tibetan bridge. It was amazing coming back to the hotel and spending time at the Sky Spa relaxing after such intense activities. We loved it so much, we always made time to get at least an hour in between the day's activity and dinner.

In addition to the pool, there's also a natural solarium, a sauna, and a relaxation area. To add to your experience, you can also order snacks or drinks up here. You'll have everything you need to truly enjoy your vacation and leave blissfully relaxed.

view of the town from the brunet hotel resort in trentino
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view from the sky spa at brunet hotel resort in the dolomites

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5. The Amenities Will Keep You Entertained

The hotel complex is fairly large and there are so many things to do. On our first day, we had some rain but there were so many things to do around the hotel that it didn't affect our stay.

Head to the fitness center, or the indoor pool. Have a spa treatment. Head to the Sky spa and hang out in the solarium or the relaxation area. Choose your preferred activity, and enjoy!

Bonus: Proximity to Town & La Doga

Fiero di Primiero is such a cute little town. The hotel is minutes away from the center and is located on the main road, so you can easily walk around and explore it while you're staying here. We went for a bit of a walk, and though it was raining, it was such an adorable alpine town.

walking around fiera di primiero

On our first day, we had lunch at La Doga Restaurant, and I highly recommend making a stop here while you're in Fiera di Primiero. We had appetizers with a traditional beer tasting, which was amazing. The local beer is great and a great introduction to the beer available in the area.

Then, we got a table upstairs and had a chance to sit down for our first lunch in Trentino. The food was absolutely delicious. I have learned since that it's the case with all of Trentino.

I had the pork and potatoes, but everyone's plate around the table was mouthwatering!

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Brunet Hotel Resort on the Map

Many thanks to Brunet – The Dolomites Resort, La Doga Restaurant, Visit Trentino, Visit San Marino, and Traverse for hosting me on this wonderful stay. As always, opinions are my own and reflect my experience.

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