Milos has been on my list for about a year – since I saw pictures of the incredible Sarakiniko beach. I was planning a working holiday in Milos and came across Hotel Agnanti in Katifora, a 15-minute walk from the main port in Adamas.

I initially planned to stay for seven days but had such a pleasant time at the hotel, and in Milos, that I extended my working holiday by an additional few days.

The balcony pictures with views over the bay won me over. The proximity to a grocery store and accessibility to the main bus helped drive the point home. Since my trip was on the longer side, being able to shop for groceries and to freely move around the island was important.

For transparency's sake, this was not a sponsored stay. I paid for the hotel on my own. I enjoyed my stay so much and found its location ideal, so I wanted to share it with others.

Here's my experience at Hotel Agnanti and exploring Milos Island.

girl on balcony looking over Milos island
Enjoying views over Milos island from my balcony at Agnanti Hotel.

About Hotel Agnanti

Hotel:Hotel Agnanti
Location:Katifora, Milos (see on the Map)
Accommodation:Aparthotel, Budget
Price Range: €50-90 per night
Save on your hotel -
balcony at Hotel Agnanti on the Greek island of Milos

Hotel Agnanti is a cozy cross-over between a hotel and an Airbnb apartment, which was one of my favorite things about it. I booked a studio with a sea view, which was the second cheapest room available, and it was more than enough for me as a solo traveler.

The biggest draw for me was its proximity to Adamas and its location on the main bus route between Adamas and Trypiti. It takes 5 minutes on the bus to get to the port, and about 20 minutes to walk there (15 or less if you walk fast and take shortcuts).

Here's the bus schedule. Each ride costs €2, payable when you get off the bus. I recommend loading the schedule on your phone so it's available offline (or take a screenshot).

If you're looking for a local SIM card, you can get one from the newsstand near Adamas port, or from Vodafone in Pera Triovasalos. Each 5GB of data is €10 and it'll work all over Greece if Milos is just a stop for you.

The hotel is sprawled on a cliff, which is great for balcony views, but also comes with a lot of stairs. The great news is that you can get to it from the main road, and if you have a car, you can get to the top and walk down.

Conveniently, there are two bus stops, one across from the main entrance, and a second one at the top of the hill. The latter is next to a coffee shop, which is great in the morning!

Hotel Agnanti is also a half-hour walk from Sarakiniko beach. I love walking around in Greece, but it might not be for everyone. The walk is pleasant though. However, I was there in September when the weather was moderate – it might not be as pleasant on hot summer days.

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The Rooms

The hotel has 5 different types of rooms to suit your needs:

inside a studio apartment in Milos
  • Double room with a garden view – you won't get a sofa or kitchen area but the room has a small patio and fridge
  • Studio with sea view – includes a sofa bed, kitchen, and balcony with an awesome sunrise view
  • Apartment with sea view – same amenities as the studio, but bigger
  • Apartment on the ground floor – same as above but guaranteed to be on the ground floor, if you prefer not to have to deal with all the stairs
  • Deluxe apartment – double the size of a studio, with an extra single bed aside from the double and the sofa bed. Great choice if you're traveling with a family or in a group.

I found Hotel Agnanti reasonably priced, with rooms starting at €50 per night, including breakfast.

The rooms are built in typical Cycladic fashion, which is quite charming. The concrete does block the WiFi signal in the rooms, but it works great on the balconies or in the main lobby.

I mostly worked on the balcony so it didn't bother me, but if WiFi in the bedroom is important to you, pick a room that's closer to the lobby area or speak to the reception before checking in.

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Food and Drinks

The reception lobby and the dining room are on the main floor. There's also a pretty cool patio you can hang out on if you want.

The WiFi here is stronger than anywhere else in the hotel, so if you're having issues in your room, come hang out in the lobby.

A buffet breakfast is served daily in the dining room and is now included in the room price. The breakfast spread is standard with what you'd find at other Greek hotels around the country. It's a good way to get the day started.

What's Nearby

Hotel Agnanti is fairly central on the northern side of the island, so you are less than 3 km (1.9 miles) of any main villages in Milos (with the exception of Pollonia).

Adamas is the closest, but you're also in close proximity to Pera Triovasalos, the capital of Plaka (and Kastro Castle), Trypiti (where you can find the Catacombs and Ancient Theatre of Milos) and the picturesque fishing village, Klima.

You'll be able to also visit the beaches on the southern coast (Tsigrado, Fyriplaka, etc), which are only about a 20-minute ride away, the beaches on the northern coast (Sarakiniko, etc). Pollonia is only a 12-minute drive and perfect for a day trip.

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The grocery store is literally across the street, and there's a gas station 100m from the hotel. Mouratos bakery is a few minutes away on foot and makes for a good coffee stop on the way to Plaka or Trypiti.

If you're not planning on getting a car or ATV, your best bet is to walk down to Adamas after breakfast and take a bus from there. The main taxi station is also in Adamas and might come in handy.

Hotel Agnanti on the Map

To help you plan your stay, I marked the beaches in blue, villages in pink, and attractions in green.

Getting There

panoramic view of a sunrise from a balcony

From the Airport

Hotel Agnanti is 5 km and a 10-minute drive away from the airport. The free shuttle option comes in handy and can save you a taxi fare of €15-20 (one way).

If for some reason you prefer not to take the shuttle and don't have a car, you can take the bus, but it'll take a bit longer. There are two buses, one from the airport to Adamas, and one from Provatas to Adamas with a stop at the airport. You will need to switch buses at the Adamas port station and get on the bus towards Trypiti. You can check the schedule here.

From the Port

The hotel is less than 2 km (1.2 miles) and a 5-minute drive from the port. It's ideally located on the main road, right across from a bus stop on the main routes between Adamas and Trypiti.

I arrived from Athens by ferry and after two months on the road, had lots of luggage with me. I skipped the bus and took advantage of the free shuttle offer instead. You can schedule the shuttle for the way back as well. I had a car on my last day and drove myself to Adamas, so I didn't need it but it's available with advance notice.

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Hotel Agnanti and I recommend it for your time on Milos island. The staff is friendly and helpful, the rooms are spacious, views over the island and at sunrise are amazing and it's fairly central.

While the hotel is central on the island, it isn't in the center, and it will take a bit of time or effort to get to either Adamas or Plaka. If you have a car, it won't be an issue. If you don't, you'll have to rely on taxis, the local bus or walking.

I had the car for a portion of my trip and didn't mind the effort on the other days, but it depends what you're looking for.

To contact the hotel or for more information, check them out online, Facebook, Instagram or TripAdvisor.

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