Mandrakia village is small but packs a punch when it comes to charm. Often overlooked by more popular fishing villages, like Klima, Mandrakia is worth a brief stop.

In close proximity to the most popular beach in Milos, Sarakiniko, I recommend coming here for lunch after spending the morning at the beach.

Here's what you need to know to make the most of your visit to Mandrakia village.

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The Best of Mandrakia

I stopped in Mandrakia while touring the northern coast of Milos island and I fell in love with this adorable fishing port.

The colorful houses lining the bay, the serenity enveloping the village and the waves crashing against the rocks stole my heart. I think it's one of the best villages on Milos island.

Hidden from prying eyes, the back of the village is almost as charming as the Instagram-worthy bay. There's also a table in the middle of the sea which I found hilarious.

It's perfect for those that love being barefoot since there's a high chance that you'll have waves crashing against your feet while you're enjoying the peace and quiet. I came on a high-wind day and got soaked, but it was still charming!

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Nearby Attractions

The village is perfectly positioned between some of the best attractions in Milos.

Tourkothalassa beach is a few minutes away, tucked away between jagged rocks and off-the-beaten-path. The rocks are visible from the village, but the beach is hidden enough that few people find their way here. Bring a bathing suit and a towel and make a day of it.

Less than 4 km (2.5 miles) each way, you'll find two of the most popular beaches in Milos. On the west side, there's Firopotamos beach. On the east side, you'll come across Sarakiniko beach.

They're both worth your time, fit them into your schedule if you can.

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Tie your visit to Mandrakia with other must-see things on the northern side of Milos.

Mainly, I recommend heading to Plaka (head up to the castle!), Trypiti (plus the Catacombs and Ancient Theatre), Klima, and Pollonia.

Where To Eat in Mandrakia

There's only one restaurant in Mandrakia, but that's not surprising considering the size of the village.

It tends to get busy at lunchtime, especially during July and August, so make a reservation or come during off-peak hours.

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Where To Stay in Mandrakia

You don't have a lot of options in the area. There are a few hotels but most of them are boutique and pricey. In return, you'll have peace and quiet, awesome views and you'll be close to Tourkothalassa beach.

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Mandrakia on the Map

To facilitate your trip planning, I marked the villages in pink, beaches in blue, and attractions around the island in green.

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