girl swimming in Gerakas beach, Milos island
Gerakas Beach, accessible only by boat. There are a number of boat tours that stop by Gerakas while touring the island. Read my review of a day-long trip around Milos.
sunbathers on Tsigrado beach
Tsigrado beach, the most secluded beach in Milos
girl overlooking a traditional Greek fishing village in Milos
Mandrakia village, Milos, Greece.
balcony sunrise at Hotel Agnanti
Sunrise visible from Agnanti Hotel balcony
Hotel Agnanti at night
Sun setting over Adamas town
panoramic photo of Polyegos island in the Cyclades
Panoramic view of Polyegos island, near Milos
girl sitting on a sail boat at Gerakas beach in Milos
Sailing off the coast of Milos. A list of my top tour recommendations while in Milos can be found at the bottom of this article.
panoramic of the theatre of Milos with the bay of Milos in the background
The Ancient Roman Theater of Milos overlooking the ancient harbor and entrance to the bay of Milos.
girl on Firopotamos beach in Milos Greece
Firopotamos beach on the northern side of Milos island
girl in front of Firopotamos beach in Milos Greece
Sail tour around Milos, first stop: Firopotamos beach.
drone view of Papafragas and Kapros beaches
Drone view of the beautiful Papafragas and Kapros beaches
couple swimming at papafragas beach cove
Papafragas cave and beach, remote and private, accessible only during low-wind days
roofless sykia cave from the top
Sykia roofless cave, on the western side of the island and accessible only by boat or by hiking
Kapros beach on a sunny day
Kapros beach on a sunny day with low wind
beach chairs on Plathiena beach
Plathiena Beach, one of the best beaches in Milos.
Kapros beach rock formations
Kapros beach
Thiorichio beach and an abandoned sulphur mine
The abandoned Paliorema surfur mines near the beautiful and remote Thioricio beach
woman at sunset walking along Papafragas beach in Milos
Windy sunset over Papafragas beach and cave
Trypiti windmill on top of a hill
One of the famous windmills in Trypiti
a sail boat in front of Polyegos island seen during a sailing trip around Milos
Polyegos Island, accessible only by boat from Milos
a sailing boat near jagged rocks coming out of the water near Cape Vani in Milos
Unique cliffs at golden hour near the abandoned manganese mine at Cape Vani.
two boats peaking through
Jagged rocks in Kleftiko Bay, renowned pirate lair back in the day
girl in the water at Kleftiko Bay in Milos
Kleftiko Caves, the perfect pirate hideout. Kleftiko is one of the top 20+ beaches on Milos island

Klima Village

One of the most picturesque fishing villages in Milos, Klima is renowned for its colorful houses and perfect sunsets. Read my guide to Klima village.

colourful houses in Klima
The colorful houses (‘syrmatas') in Klima village, Milos
a pair of ducks walking along the seaside in Klima at sunset
Klima village at sunset
Fisherman houses in Klima, below the village of Trypiti.
Fisherman houses in Klima, below the village of Trypiti.

Plaka Village

Plaka is the capital of Milos island. Read my Plaka village guide. The Venetian Kastro Castle can be seen perched at the top of the hill overlooking Plaka.

house at a crossroads between cobble stone streets
Picturesque streets in Plaka village, the capital of Milos
front view of the Folk & History Museum, Plaka.
Folk & History Museum, Plaka
sunset over Milos bay seen from Milos castle
Sunset over the bay seen from Kastro Castle
view of Plaka from a backyard on the hill in Milos
View over Plaka town while climbing toward Kastro Castle
authentic street in Milos
Kastro Castle district, formerly the capital of Milos
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Sarakiniko Beach

The most photographed attraction in Milos, Sarakiniko is famous for its moon-like landscape that was created entirely by Mother Nature over centuries. Read my guide to Sarakiniko beach.

Drone view of Sarakiniko beach
Sarakiniko beach and its moon-like surface
drone view of Sarakiniko beach
Drone view of Sarakiniko beach
drone view of caves and rocks at Sarakiniko beach
Drone view of Sarakiniko Beach, formed entirely by Mother Nature through the centuries
sunbathers at Sarakiniko beach
Sarakiniko beach

Adamas Village

Adamas is the largest village in Milos and location of the largest post in Milos. Read my guide on everything you need to know about Adamas village.

shops in Adamas
Adamas town center, Milos
boats in harbour during sunset in Milos
Gorgeous sunset at the Adamas Port in Milos.
Adamas port seen from a boat
The port city of Adamas, Milos.
lounge chairs on a hotel terrace
Room with a view in Adamas town

It's no secret that I absolutely love Greece. It's a special country with so much to offer, and Milos island is one of the most underrated gems in the Aegean Sea, though just as beautiful as its more popular fellow Cycladic islands.

I spent three weeks in Milos and fell in love with its diversity, rich and interesting history, beautiful beaches, quaint villages, and perfect sunsets. With over 75+ beaches to choose from (here are my 20 favorite ones), there's always a corner of the island you can have all to yourself.

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Most of the island's population lives on the northern side of the island, where you can also find some of its most beautiful beaches. However, the northern side can get quite windy and when it does, you can take refuge on the southern side of the island that has equally as much to offer. With remote beaches and cliff-side restaurants, the south side is considered off-the-beaten-path.

However, if you're looking to truly explore parts of Milos that not many tourists get to see, you'll want to rent a car (or ATV) and head to the western side of the island. Pack a towel, food and your GoPro and make a day out of it.

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Leave yourself at least a day to take a day trip (or half-day tour) around the island to see and swim at some of the beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Some of the tours even take you to nearby islands off the coast such as Kimolos, Polyegos, and Gerontas, each with their own merits for a visit.

Recommended Tours in Milos

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