Plaka, the capital of Milos island, is a charming and well-preserved village sprawled on the highest hill on the Greek island. It peaks at you wherever you go on the island.

Here's what you need to know about visiting Plaka, Milos.

About Plaka

Located on a hill, Plaka is an extension of the castle district in Milos, Kastro. It started growing in the 18th century when people ran out of space in Kastro and started establishing themselves lower down the hill.

As with many Greek villages, it was built like a maze of alleys to confuse pirates. The same alleys now make for charming streets you can stroll and get lost around.

The streets in Plaka are the kind of picturesque cobble-stone charming paths you would expect from a popular Greek island.

Walk around the capital and get lost on the streets, explore the nooks and crannies, and admire the Cycladic architecture.

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What To Do in Plaka

Aside from eating, drinking, shopping for artisanal gifts and souvenirs and seeing the castle, you can explore the Minoan culture while in Plaka. Of the seven museums on Milos island, four of them are in the capital. They're all fairly small so you will likely need less than an hour to visit each.

Visit the Folk & History Museum to learn about the Milos culture. Stop by the Archaeological Museum to see a copy of the Aphrodite of Milos statue. The original, found close to the Ancient Theatre of Milos, resides in the Louvre museum.

Marmara Sand Museum and the War Museum round up the list and are both interesting in different ways if you have the time.

Where To Eat in Plaka

Some of the best restaurants on the island are in Plaka, often nestled in the quaint cobblestone streets.

I did some field testing for you, here are my favorites:

  • Avli-Milos Restaurant – great food and it gets busy; make a reservation and go watch the sunset at Utopia cafe before coming back for dinner Facebook | TripAdvisor | Map
  • To Diporto – charming place and delicious Greek food TripAdvisor | Map
  • Archontoula – another traditional restaurant, this one close to Folk & History Museum TripAdvisor | Map

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I also really enjoyed the following cafes and bars:

  • Kri Kri Snack Bar – great cocktails and live music in July & August TripAdvisor | Map
  • Utopia Cafe – great for sunset drinks; open late TripAdvisor | Map
  • Fatses Creperie and Snack Bar – great food and includes vegetarian options TripAdvisor | Map

Where To Stay in Plaka

There are lots of accommodation options in Plaka. Be prepared to walk, as the village is a pedestrian-only zone (though taxis can get through). Here are the ones I recommend based on your budget:

Jimmy's Studios
Piazza Castello€€
Kastro Milos€€€
Vivere a Plakes Apartments€€€€
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Plaka Castle

Perched on top of the hill, just above Plaka, is the Venetian Kastro (“Castle”) of Milos. It's a must-see during your time on the island.

Time permitting, stay for the sunset, the view over Plaka and Trypiti is well-worth it.

Plaka on the Map

To help you plan your stay, I marked the beaches in blue, villages in pink, and attractions in green.

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