Trypiti village quickly became one of my favorite places on Milos island. It's considered an extension of Plaka capital and was built on the ruins of ancient Klima.

There's a local bus that runs between Adamas, Plaka, and Trypiti, so you can easily visit the village. Here's the bus schedule.

Here's what you need to know about visiting Trypiti, Milos.

About Trypiti

Trypiti literally means ‘holes', which is fitting considering the hills surrounding the village have holes all over them, many of which were used as burial sites, or Catacombs.

Close to the Ancient Amphitheatre of Milos, the Early Christian Catacombs, the discovery of the statue of Aphrodite of Milos and modern-day Klima, Trypiti is packed with cultural significance.

trypiti seen on a hill above klima

The top of the hill is lined with iconic white windmills that are now used as vacation rentals and are as picturesque as you'd imagine.

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What To Do in Trypiti

Characterized by the imposing Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nikolaos (i.e. Agios Nikolaos), Trypiti can be seen from various points around the island. The church is beautiful and one of the largest built in Milos.

The sites Trypiti is most well known for require a bit of walking downhill.

The village itself is quiet and quaint. Walk around the narrow streets, go up the hill and see the iconic windmills, visit the church, and eat your heart out at the amazing restaurants.

There's a walking path downhill towards the Early Christian Catacombs of Milos. The Roman Catacombs are very significant — they go back to the 1st century and are believed to be older than the catacombs in Rome. All tours are guided, last less than half-hour and set you back €4.

Keep going down the path and you reach another historically-significant Milos site: the Ancient Amphitheatre of Milos. The theatre is remarkably well-preserved and is still used for performances today, though it can only fit about 10% of its previous capacity.

Keep an eye out for a sign depicting the location where the most famous Milos artifact was discovered: the Aphrodite of Milos statue. Also known as Venus de Milo, the statue dates back to between 130 and 100 BC.

Though discovered in 1820 near Trypiti and the theatre, the statue now resides at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It's believed the arms were lost during transportation.

Prophet Elias hill shoots out of the landscape against the Milos bay views. You can hike to it for a great panoramic view.

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If you keep going downhill, you can get to the picturesque fishing village, Klima, at the bottom. The hike down takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you go. It's a pleasant hike, but I suggest you stay on the main path and wear closed-toe shoes. I was warned there are vipers in the area, though they can blend into the dirt road — the danger is if you accidentally step on one.

If you do hike down to Klima, the only way back is an uphill walk on the main road (about 30 minutes) or by calling a taxi. I hiked down right at sunset, which I don't recommend, despite the awesome views. I had to walk back to Trypiti in the dark which was a little creepy. So, plan accordingly!

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Where To Eat in Trypiti

For a village of 400 people, Trypiti has a high concentration of amazing restaurants. Its seaside views come in handy during your meal and ensure awesome views all day, and night.

I kept coming back here at different times of the day to enjoy the food and the views. Here are my favorite spots:

  • Ergina's Village Restaurant – the view alone is breathtaking TripAdvisor | Map
  • Te Glaronisia – delicious Greek food; save it 'til after dusk, the view isn't great anyway TripAdvisor | Map
  • Methismeni Politia – one of the best restaurants in Milos for a reason Website | TripAdvisor | Map
  • Remvi Cafe – great patio for coffee and desert Facebook | TripAdvisor | Map

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Where To Stay in Trypiti

Accommodation in Trypiti is more scarce than in other villages, but hotels here tend to have awesome views over Milos bay (especially during at sunset!) due to their position on the hill.

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I recommend starting your search with these options:

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Trypiti on the Map

To facilitate your trip planning, I marked the villages in pink, the beaches in blue, and the attractions in green.

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