roofless sykia cave from the top

Milos, Greece: The Complete Travel Guide to the Underrated Greek Island

I pinched myself when I got to Milos and realized that this gem of an island has remained relatively undiscovered. …

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view of a hotel in Milos from across the street

Staying at Hotel Agnanti in Milos

Milos has been on my list for about a year – since I saw pictures of the incredible Sarakiniko beach. …

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sunset over Milos bay seen from Milos castle

40 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Milos, Greece

Klima Village One of the most picturesque fishing villages in Milos, Klima is renowned for its colorful houses and perfect …

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girl swimming in Gerakas beach, Milos island

Sailing Around Milos with Aquatta (2019 Review)

Milos has been on my bucket list since perfect pictures of Sarakiniko and Tsigrado beaches began popping up on my social …

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couple dining in Klima

Eat & Drink Your Way Through Milos: The Best Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

As is the case with most Greek islands, restaurants, and bars in Milos do not disappoint! From cozy tavernas and …

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view of a ladder on Tsigrado beach captured from the water

Tsigrado Beach: The Most Secluded Beach in Milos, Greece

Tsigrado beach is many things: beautiful, secluded, dangerous, unique, and difficult to pronounce, just to name a few. Milos island …

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sunbathers at Sarakiniko beach

Sarakiniko Beach: A Guide to the Most Photographed Attraction in the Aegean Sea (2020)

Chances are that if you’ve heard of Milos island, you’ve also heard of Sarakiniko beach. You may even have heard …

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girl swimming at papafragas beach cove

The Top 20+ Beaches in Milos, Greece, to See in 2020

Milos island has some of the best beaches in the Cyclades, and a ton of them that compete for that …

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Fatses Creperie restaurant Plaka Milos

Plaka in Photos: What to Expect from the Capital of Milos

Plaka, the capital of Milos island, is a charming and well-preserved village sprawled on the highest hill on the Greek …

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colourful houses in Klima

Klima, Milos: A Guide to the Most Colorful Fishing Village in Greece

You’ve likely heard of Klima if Milos island is on your bucket list. The colorful seaside village tops all must-see …

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girl on theatre steps overlooking the sea

The Spectacular Ancient Theatre of Milos

Your visit to Milos won’t be complete without a stop at the Ancient Roman Theater of Milos, the well-preserved, and perhaps …

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girl in front of Mandrakia fishing village in Milos

Mandrakia: The Picturesque Fishing Village on Milos Island

Mandrakia village is small but packs a punch when it comes to charm. Often overlooked by more popular fishing villages, …

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Adamas port seen from a boat

12 Things To Do in Adamas, Milos (Plus Photos!)

Adamas, sometimes referred to as ‘Adamantas’, is likely the first encounter most visitors have with the island of Milos unless …

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blue hour over Trypiti

Trypiti, Milos: The Underrated Village on the Island

Trypiti village quickly became one of my favorite places on Milos island. It’s considered an extension of Plaka capital and …

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authentic street in Milos

Venetian Kastro of Milos: the Plaka Castle in Photos

Perched on top of the hill overlooking Milos island, the Venetian Castle of Plaka (a.k.a. “Kastro” which literally means “Castle”), …

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